2017 🎉

It's always nice to welcome in a new year, even though instinct is to stay warm, nourish our bodies and hibernate....

Mothers Day Crafting

When I was younger I really enjoyed the art class before mothers day. I remember them well, they were always filled with tonnes of glitter and brightly coloured pens. The end result...

My Winter Travels

Well, I had all these wonderful ideas of posting regular blogs while I was away. I am afraid the euphoria of being away overwhelmed me and I was unable to do anything. So here's very belated post [...]

Christmas Wrapping

There's something extremely satisfying about having a good present wrapping session. A perfect excuse to pop some carols on and have a nice glass of baileys at hand.


I love making! I've decided it's my thing to do‚ when I'm feeling stressed, bored or just trying to wind down

Happy 1st Birthday hannah’s

This time last month saw ‘hannah’s’ first birthday! Horahhh! And what a blast the first year has been, I have met some wonderful people, settled into my new lifestyle nicely and I am [...]

two bare feet

I've been rather quiet this year on the blogging front. But I am back! I have been very busy designing and renovating my second property. It's been a long but well spent 9 months. The building [...]

Homemade Granola

It's bank holiday which gives us an extra day away from our hectic work schedules. One more day to relax but also a perfect time to stock up the larder

The Launch of hannah’s

The beginning of Spring saw the launch of hannah's. What a spectacular night, filled with good food, music and laughter. The first 6 months of being open was a whirlwind and a challenge but [...]

Valentines…By Me

A month filled with love. A gesture, big or small, flower like, chocolate like, or nothing at all. A day when men are put to the test, there's no time for them to rest

Welcome to 2015

I am officially and belatedly wishing you a happy new year. What a year 2014 was, I think it's taken the first month of 2015 to go by for me to realise this. I effectively built a house from [...]

Christmas at hannah’s

It's got to be one of my favourite times of year! Decorating the tree with a snowball cocktail in hand and the carols on in the background. Lighting the fire every afternoon with the lights [...]

What a lovely weekend…

This weekend was truly lovely. My guests were wonderful and made ME feel at home =) Thank you so much Maureen and Alex for these photos of your weekend at hannah's. Your comments in my [...]

Wind down…

The weekend just been was my busiest weekend so far and I loved every second of it. There's something extremely cosy about the house being full and bustling, I don't even mind the early risings

Autumn Leaves

On my day of peace this week we went to visit Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, I've been wanting to go in Autumn for a couple of years now. It was definitely worth the wait. The gardens were amazingly [...]

Rainy Monday

Today I am enjoying a much needed rainy Monday, curled up in the library with my Comfies on doing all my emails and office work. The smell of homemade cookies being lovingly prepared by my [...]

Resident Cat

I'm just sat enjoying my morning coffee and a very naughty yet tasty piece of homemade jam on toast before my big clean. It suddenly dawned on me I have forgotten to introduce you to my beautiful [...]

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